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Welcome to Warwick Junior School. We are committed to the creation of a positive, structured and caring environment in which talent can flourish to the full.   

Great care is taken to ensure that every boy settles in during the early weeks of his school career. The majority of boys enter the Junior School at 7, but entry is possible at 8, 9 or in the final year in the Junior School. There are currently 240 boys in the Junior School.

Exceptional opportunities exist for extra-curricular activities, particularly with open access to the facilities of the Senior School. Sports, Music, Drama, as well as a wide range of clubs and societies, all contribute to the busy, varied and, above all, happy life of Warwick Junior School boys.

Please do telephone me to arrange a visit or come to one of our open events. I look forward to meeting you.

Guy Canning,
Head Master

Junior School Secretary
Mrs J Turner01926

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