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The success and reputation of the junior school comes from more than just equipping boys with the skills and knowledge in readiness for senior school entry. A Warwick Junior School education nurtures the whole child, helping boys develop confidence and character and to be supportive of their peers.

The junior school offers opportunities for boys to find their individual strengths and abilities both in the classroom and beyond. With over 50 clubs to choose from, including an outstanding arts provision, there is never a dull moment. The school has a long tradition for sporting excellence, but participation and opportunity extend beyond our first teams. Each year group has several sides allowing the boys to enjoy a range of fixtures and be proud to represent the school.   

Warwick Junior School is committed to help boys learn to persevere, to have the courage to make mistakes and to recognise setbacks as learning opportunities. Our skilled and experienced staff encourage the boys to be curious about the world and to use their creative energies both in the classroom and beyond. The staff share a restless ambition for the boys in the school. The learning habits we encourage will serve the boys in the years ahead, allowing them to make the most of their opportunities. 

Our excellent facilities have been enhanced this term with the opening of our bespoke junior science laboratory. Each of our computer suites has been equipped with new computers. Whilst providing the best facilities is important, finding the spark to inspire boys is key to the success of our teaching. 

Andrew Hymer,
Headmaster of the Junior School

Junior School Secretary
Mrs J Turner01926