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From the desk of the Head Master 13 October 2017

Roman Relics
Half-term is finally upon us and, from what I gather, will be much welcomed by boys and staff alike. The site will remain busy throughout, of course, with work progressing on Project One Campus (as well as Holiday Action, a Worcester Warriors Rugby course and various other activities).

Boys may have been wondering why limited progress had been made behind the blue Project One Campus fencing on the pitches and the answer is really rather exciting. When the contractors undertook their archaeological evaluation of the site, far from finding the remains of Queen Ethelfeda (much to the disappointment of our archivist), they did find tiles and pottery shards, and the remnants of some sort of brick wall or structure, dating back to the years of Roman occupation, almost certainly the second century A.D. Whilst we do not anticipate this causing any significant delays, be assured, it is currently being further investigated,as it must. Taken in conjunction with other finds in the vicinity in the last few decades, such as coins or pottery, it suggests that there may have been a good deal of Roman activity in the area. There were probably Romans living on Pitch 2 in the late 2nd century AD!

It has, inevitably, also been suggested that we should, on the basis of this discovery, see whether we can push back our founding date back even further…

In the meantime, the builders have been able to divert their attention to the new shared Sixth Form Centre – the building that will sit between the Masefield and Thornton blocks, on the site of the old Student Support Centre. Foundations have been laid and the steel frame will go in shortly.



Whilst Sixth Form boys and girls will very much remain part of their own separate schools and, just as they are now be taught separately (except in a handful of subjects), this is the place where they will meet to study and socialise – a pre-cursor to university or the workplace.

The ground floor will be a place for social meeting and refreshments – with a canteen where students can get snacks or hot drinks, in the style of a modern cafe.

The middle floor will be an open plan Careers zone, based more on modern business environments, where boys and girls can study communally or research universities and careers, designed very much as a forward-thinking space.

The top floor is based on a modern university study centre, providing a bright and uncluttered place to work quietly.

Adjacent to the study area will be a balcony with a roof garden, where students can relax in the fresh air.

Running up the centre of the building there will be a wide staircase, where students can congregate and talk, or indeed meet together as year groups for talks, a feature that has worked well in many modern university centres.




It is very exciting to watch this take shape. I think it will be a very fine addition to the campus.

Have a happy half-term.