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From the desk of the Head Master 14 December 2017

Merry Christmas everyone

The term is at an end, almost, nearly. I will sign-off with some loosely connected and slightly addled observations…


I have developed rather mixed feelings about snow. On the one hand, it is stunning, it evokes many nostalgic memories of childhood, you can ski on it,  and everything is magical. On the other hand, it creates an awful lot of mess and demands that Heads possess the Wisdom of Solomon or the gift of foresight – to open or not to open?



Christmas Trees…

We have always had lots of very tall Christmas trees around the school each December. This year, we have lots of small trees. Many have assumed that this is a reflection of my Scrooge-like tendencies.

Am I taking the fun out of Christmas in order to save money? All I want to say is, we have gone with smaller trees in pots, such that they are reusable.

Yes, this will save costs, but is primarily an environmental measure – so please be kind about the small trees!


Christmas Singing…

…is a fabulous thing. Yesterday, at Christmas lunch, the Prefects did their annual lunchtime procession, singing as they went - a much-loved tradition. The choir have been in fine voice all term, too, and I know that, for many of us, our last carol services in St Mary's Church will be poignant and special occasions. There are even rumours of a staff choir that is set to emerge at the Staff Christmas Dinner on Friday evening. For those who attended the Christmas Cracker Concert last Friday, Mrs Green mentioned the Warwick School Music YouTube channel; it now contains over 360 videos and has now been viewed by people from 137 countries – if you have not seen it, do, here is the link:

I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you in 2018!