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From the desk of the Head Master 23 March 2018

Hebdomas Mirabilis

This week has, to be honest, felt a bit like the morning after the night before, with boys and staff pretty tired and drained, both as we crawl towards the Easter holiday and after the exertions and excitement of last week. Just about everything happened last week and I suspect we are all spent. I asked Mr Cooley to tell me what phrase John Dryden would have used to describe an amazing week, rather than an ‘annus mirabilis’. The response was, as ever, illuminating: ‘Hebdomas mirabilis’, I suppose, though the Romans didn’t really think in 7-day weeks, but in market days, every 9th day.

Obvious really…

Among many other things, we had the BBC School report; an impromptu and pupil-led charity cake sale; our U13 Hockey players were county runners-up and progress to the Midlands finals after Easter; the Clay Pigeon Shooting team won the Schools’ Challenge (retaining the title and presenting the school with the prize, another Browning 525 12 bore shotgun, which has been very securely locked in the armoury); our mathematicians won a regional Maths Feast competition; we welcomed a visiting choir from Galway to Chapel; our Fencers were in action in their major tournament; we held our annual Jazz 4 Africa Concert to raise money for the Dominic Community Foundation in Uganda; there was another CCF overnight exercise; a brilliant and very funny Junior School production of Robin Hood; we appointed a new Deputy Headmaster; our 1st XV were crowned national champions at Twickenham, again; and there was the small matter of an ISI inspection. Enough.

But, just as we thought life could settle to some form of quiet normality, I awoke after last night’s incredible Gala Concert to see THE BOAT arriving, reminiscent, as Mr Ramsay put it, of something from ‘Fitzcarraldo.’ It is causing quite a stir. Fun yet to come in the Arts Festival.