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From the desk of the Head Master 29 June 2018

The Discovery Festival

Next week sees our inaugural arts festival – The Discovery Festival. It is something we have long considered and I am excited to see it come finally to fruition. In our strategic plan, alongside the importance placed on nurturing the individual, excellence in teaching and learning and broadening horizons for everyone, we identified a wish to serve our community and become seen as a national centre for the arts. The Discovery Festival contributes powerfully to both these aims and I hope we will welcome pupils, parents, alumni, friends of the school as well as local residents to Warwick School over the course of the week.

We can all take part, enjoying art or dance workshops or the opportunity to learn and sing Mozart's Requiem. Equally, we can just be entertained by a host of musical and theatrical performances or some highly regarded touring shows on route to the Edinburgh Festival. A huge amount of work has gone into planning the series of events and the combination of an exciting vision, brilliant guests, home-grown talent and unbelievable weather (as well as a lot of hard work), should make for a really special and memorable week – it definitely promises to be one of the real highlights of my time at Warwick.

One highlight will definitely be The Boat; the 1960s Falmouth Pilot that is buried in the lawn outside Art, having been bought on eBay back in May. Following the success of last year's Warwick Field project, the Art Department have invited two visiting artists, who work with willow to create large sculptures, to lead workshops for our pupils such that every boy will contribute to the creation of a vast kraken, a legendary sea monster that will emerge from the ground and eat the boat. Awesome!

Equally exciting will be the final Saturday, the ultimate festival day, with performances from touring theatre companies, an array of musical performances throughout the afternoon and early evening, culminating in a performance of the Epic of Gilgamesh, our Lower School play. Everyone will be exhausted by the end, but, I hope, very proud of having been part of something very special.

Please come along and take part or just enjoy yourself!