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A Day in the Life

From the desk of the Head Master 14 September 2018

One full week completed and already so many good things that I’ve seen happening around the school.

The hockey 1st XI weren’t hanging around with a fixture against Solihull on day 1, while day 2 took me to the Bridge House Theatre to see the dress rehearsal for Unman, Wittering and Zigo, fantastically acted and impressively put together independently by a group of our Sixth Form boys working with some of the King’s High School girls. Day 3 – Friday and the first maths lesson with a slightly apprehensive L6th set and then in the afternoon a sample of our Friday activities.
Saturday was meeting new Year 7 parents in the morning, (with keener ones getting involved in the now traditional game of touch rugby) while their sons had some practice before their first fixtures against Bromsgrove; and then back for 1st, 2nd, 3rds and U15s in the afternoon.

My first impression of the boys is hugely positive. I have had a very warm welcome from them as I wander around the site (not aimlessly you understand, but perhaps not yet always taking the quickest route from place to place), with lots of smiles and friendly greetings. I have also been impressed by the way they conduct themselves on the sports field and when we have visitors to the school such as Tuesday’s Senior School at Work open afternoon.

Wednesday was our whole school photo with lots of weather forecast checking prior to the event but we went ahead. I have had bad experiences in the past at previous schools (2016 – a hail shower descended just as the gantry was fully loaded with pupils). But this was the smoothest I have seen, so thanks to Mr Barker and all those involved in the organisation for making it run so well.