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A Day in the Life

From the desk of the Head Master 10 May 2019

One of the great joys of living on the school site is the easy access to the Bridge House Theatre.

I greatly enjoy going to support the boys in their productions, but last Thursday evening I treated myself to seeing one of the professional companies which we invite in, and saw Radio Active, a staging of the 1980s Radio 4 show with Angus Deayton, Helen Atkinson-Wood, Michael Fenton Stevens and musical genius Philip Pope. I grew up watching them on various sketch shows and series on the telly in the late 80s and early 90s – they popped up in Blackadder, Spitting Image, and when Radio Active made it onto telly, KYTV.

I had never heard the radio series, so all the sketches seemed very fresh. I was also unfamiliar with their parody of the Bee Gees – Meaningless Songs – which made it to No.2 in the Australian charts. You may need to be a certain age to recognise Status Quo, Lionel Ritchie or Kenny Rogers, but if you are, you would have enjoyed the way they were gently teased. It was a real treat for me and a genuine opportunity to take a break and set aside work for an evening. There is something special about being in the theatre, compared with sitting at home and watching the telly – or as more of us do, channel hopping without giving any attention to the programmes on offer before deciding there is nothing on the 439 channels we have these days. Better go to the theatre any day, and laugh along with a hundred other people at the same daft jokes.

One of the drivers behind Mr Perry’s programme of professional companies is to get the community into the theatre (those of you with younger children might have come for the Easter production of Animalcolm), and we have A Christmas Carol to look forward to in December.

We also want boys to have plenty of opportunities to get on stage – because of the confidence that can give them, but also because we know so many of them will love the experience.

So to end with a plug, here is the link to ‘What’s On’ at the Bridge House Theatre:

The next school productions are our Year 6 Shakespeare 4 Kidz – Macbeth, which is on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 May, followed by Alan Bennett’s The Wind in the Willows on Thursday 27 and Saturday 29 June. I can’t wait to see them!