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A Day in the Life

From the desk of the Head Master 28 June 2019

Exams came to close finally on Monday as the final paper was sat.

The desks in the Sports Hall go away and the Year 11s and Upper Sixth breathe a sigh of relief. I am very grateful to Mr Seal, Mrs Williams and the whole exam team for the work that they have done this summer and in the long lead up to it. The organisation appeared seamless - apart perhaps for the day when the traffic was stationary in Warwick and boys literally had to leg it from drop off points around town to get to the exam hall on time – but even then they were able to see through the whole exercise calmly. Now the long wait to August for the results.

I am already hearing good things about Work Experience placements for many of these Year 11 boys – acting as ambassadors for the school in the way that I would hope and expect, and giving cause for their hosts to let us know how well they are doing. A number of Year 11s are due to start on the National Citizenship Scheme (NCS; which is something of a gift horse that people keep looking in the mouth: £50 for three weeks of activity over the summer months with the opportunities for team building and volunteering. Some Lower Sixth parents might also want to steer their boys in that direction if the current summer holidays plans have large voids in them. The feedback from those who were involved last year was overwhelmingly positive.

We move into Activities Week on Monday and I know Mr Gibbs and his team have worked incredibly hard to ensure that there is a wonderful set of options available to the boys. I look forward to seeing some of the photos!