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A Day in the Life

From the desk of the Head Master 13 September 2019

The new school year is well and truly under way again, and with King’s High taking residence in their new home, it is a slightly different start to the year for everybody.

We are delighted that the Sixth Form Centre is finally in full use and the Sixth Form began their year taking part in a fantastic day of team building last Friday, with many new friendships being made. The buzz in the Sixth Form Centre has been terrific and just what was envisioned three years ago when the plans for the building were drawn up.

This is also the time of year when UCAS references start coming in to me, and I am very grateful to all the staff who contribute to these. It is a great pleasure for me to read through the references and remind myself what impressive boys we have at the school. Parents of younger boys take note: some of the very best references are able to cite longstanding voluntary work and co-curricular involvement. Ten GCSEs and three A Levels are the staple of the diet at Warwick, but the best references are also able to make significant mention of activities beyond that and extended projects, essay competitions, science Olympiads and extensive wider reading are all ways to achieve that.

The Book in Every Bag initiative is fully launched this term, and Ms Jones, the new Head Librarian has been meeting lots of boys who are coming in to borrow books. As parents we can do our part by talking to our children about what they are reading and by modelling the behaviour we seek from them, even regularly sitting down with a good book ourselves!