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A Day in the Life

From the desk of the Head Master 11 October 2019

On Wednesday Mr Ramsay gave us an inspirational whole school assembly on the House Photography competition, the theme of which was ‘Reflection’.

Without seeking to diminish what he said about the pictures, it was the quality and the imagination behind many of those images that inspired. With him taking us through the half dozen or so commended photographs and explaining what led the judge (a professional sports photographer) to choose the winners, I hope many boys will now feel the urge to pick up a camera and seek that special place, or have a smartphone at the ready (outside school time) to snap that magical moment. We will be printing and exhibiting some of the best entries later in the year, and I congratulate all those who featured in the assembly. I anticipate this new event will only grow over the coming years.

On the final afternoon of this half-term we have the House Shout, another opportunity for boys to represent their Houses and compete for those precious house points. I was delighted with last year’s competition and I hope that parents are getting the sense that the house system is starting to have a real significance in their sons’ lives, with not just sporting competitions but also the tutor groups and these arts events. The new House ties look great: the Year 7s were supposed to be the only boys to have them initially but a growing number of boys in higher years have gone to the shop to get theirs and we will soon have every boy sporting their particular colours. House charities are being chosen and I look forward to seeing where the boys want to focus their efforts.

To conclude, just a word on why we think the house system is so important. Warwick School is a big beast and that size gives us great strength in the facilities we are able to provide and the specialist teachers we can employ. However, we do recognise that belonging to something a bit smaller has its merits too, and the Houses of around 160 boys allow for healthy competition and also the opportunity for staff to get to know boys and develop relationships that will last across the years. Competitions like the House Shout help to give a greater sense of belonging. 'Knowing the Individual’ is at the heart of much of our work, and every boy should feel he has a network of adults within the school whom he can trust and talk to when times are tough. House staff will become an increasingly important part of that network.