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A Day in the Life

Friends of Warwick School

The Friends of Warwick School ("FOWS") is an association of old boys and parents of boys currently at school. The FOWS play a very important role in providing funds to either support school projects or to enable the boys to purchase items that are outside of the school budget.

Meet the Team

The President of FOWS              Head Master of Warwick School, Deneal Smith

Chair                                            vacant                 

Treasurer                                     vacant                      

Secretary                                     Nadine Parker          

Committee Members:                Laura Brain, Karin Harding, Annette Waterworth

Funded Projects

During the course of the year, The Friends of Warwick School are asked by various teachers for our help with certain projects. Here are the latest projects that we have helped with:


The CCF wanted to purchase a trophy, to be able to award to a cadet each year for outstanding leadership. There will be enough space to engrave the name of the recipient for at least 20 years. The CCF will cover the cost each year for a smaller version of the trophy to give to the recipient to keep.


Replacement of rebound boards. With more boys now playing the need for more boards to help improve outfield and Goal Keeper training. The baords are particularly useful for training without a GK. The new boards link up and are more veratile and portable than the previous ones. 

The hockey club have also requested an outside speaker. Recent research provides evidence to suggest that music can have a positive impact on sports performance.


Workshop speaker: Mr Ramsay would like to invite a leading artist to lead a series of three workshops that explore collage, screen-printing and casting.


Violin shoulder rests are needed for violin beginners to help with shoulder position.


Safety equipment needs to be updated for Duke of Edinburgh to make supervision of groups safer, easier and more reliable. Each group has a GPS tracking device with emergency buttons if required. The current ones are 10 years old and need to be updated with high quality tracking devices.

These are just a few of the fantastic projects that FOWS have raised money for at their events, including the Winter Fair and the FOWS shop.