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A Day in the Life

Virtual Sports Day

Sports day overview

This year the normal battle ground of Banbury road track is eerily quiet with no sporting action taking place. However, as resilient Warwickians, we have not let Covid-19 get in the way of our 6 houses pursuit to win the Cock House Cup. Instead of physical racing, we have moved to digital sporting competitions. Perhaps to the disappointment of the boys, this did not require the ability to play on a console, but it has allowed each house to still fight to see who the best is physically. Just this time the battles would take place in front rooms, gardens or out on the streets of Warwickshire!

With the choice of competing from 10 events, expertly demonstrated by the PE department, the house which committed to both participation and performance in the 10 events was going to be victorious. Led by the motivating speeches from the Heads of House the competition started on Monday 29th of June and would last until Thursday 2nd of July.

Boys, parents, family members and staff were soon busy practising for the events and a total of over 2,100 views shows some video analysis of technique must have been led by Mr Pierce in the pursuit for a winning formula. The initial submissions were slow as the houses did not want to commit too early to the challenge in the hope of boosting their score from training. One house though did not wait around, Brooke led by Mr Alton, surged out of the block and took a commanding lead. Oken tried their best to keep up with Brooke but were finding it difficult and soon had to worry about a chasing pack of houses eager to take the top positions…

It wasn’t until the final day where positions kept on changing and the final dip towards the finish line took place. Some key final stats:

  • 1,692 events were entered
  • 10,034 squats were completed
  • 5,448 press ups
  • 5,219 burpees

And 580,335m, which is 360.6 miles or 580km, were walked or ran… Joe Wicks would be proud his training has come in to use!

So what were the final standings:

Sixth place were – Leycester

5th = Tudor

4th = Greville

3rd = Guy

2nd = Oken

1st = Brooke

Thank you for all your efforts taking part and the PE department hope you have a fantastic summer holiday but don’t forget to stay active. Here is a small selection of images that we received from staff, pupils and families who took part in our Virtual Sports Day.

  • Sebbie Broughton 3

    Sebbie Broughton 3.jpg
    Sebbie Broughton 3
  • Challis 3

    Challis 3.jpg
    Challis 3
  • Tobias B 1

    Tobias B 1.jpeg
    Tobias B 1
  • Mrs Sheptone

    Mrs Sheptone.jpg
    Mrs Sheptone
  • Harry Jefferson 1

    Harry Jefferson 1.jpg
    Harry Jefferson 1
  • George Laing frying pan

    George Laing frying pan.JPG
    George Laing frying pan
  • Freddie Seamer 1

    Freddie Seamer 1.jpg
    Freddie Seamer 1
  • Harry Walter

    Harry Walter.jpg
    Harry Walter
  • IMG_3051

  • O.Thomas 3

    O.Thomas 3.jpg
    O.Thomas 3
  • Mrs Sayers

    Mrs Sayers.JPG
    Mrs Sayers
  • Harry Jefferson 2

    Harry Jefferson 2.jpg
    Harry Jefferson 2