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Young Voices

Following an exhilarating experience at the O2 Arena last year, Warwick Junior School again took part in this year’s ‘Young Voices’ concert, but this time performing at the Genting Arena, Birmingham.

After months of preparation learning four medleys (Pop, Rock, Jazzy and Folk) and eight other songs, including a song where they performed with sign language all the way through, the Junior School Big Choir were ready to go. Dance moves learnt, t-shirts on and torches at the ready they set off for the afternoon rehearsal.

A sense of excitement was already in the air with many other schools also taking their places in the huge performing space.

The fabulous conductor, David Lawrence was introduced and rehearsals began. The children all worked very hard all afternoon, perfecting their songs including those shared with the Young Voices soloists, which this year included three world champion beat boxers, who were simply amazing!

A rumble of excitement from the 6,500 strong Young Voices Choir indicated the arrival of ‘Andy’ from the ‘Urban Strides’ Street Dance Group. He makes a DVD which helps teach the choirs all of the dance moves they need to know and is hilarious! He got the choirs doing lots of extra dance moves and pupils and teachers alike were grooving away to the catchy music.

At 7.00pm the lights went down, the twinkling torches went on and the show began! It was a fantastic concert with two hours of solid music, dance, singing and above all, lots of fun and enjoyment.

The choices of music and songs that the Young Voices team chose this year were a fantastic range of traditional, African, and of course the ever-popular Pop Medley. It is always so fantastic for members of Warwick School to hear the boys humming the tunes around school, ranging from Adele’s ‘Hello’ to the Welsh folk tune ‘Calon Lan’.

It was a day which was the culmination of a lot of organisation, hard work, help and encouragement. The Warwick Junior School staff were as fantastic as always and supported and encouraged the boys throughout the day. The ‘Choir team’ have been wonderful each week with their enthusiasm and help in setting the whole day up. Best of all, the boys have never given it any less than 100% commitment. It was an amazing musical experience that Warwick Junior School Big Choir will never forget.