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What a Knight!

The Lower Twos put on a magnificent performance of ‘What A Knight’ to the Prep School, Junior School and family members on 16 and 17 March.

The medieval scenery was the perfect, colourful backdrop for the witty characters who were portrayed with great enthusiasm by the boys. 

The peasants set the scene with their miming and filled the stage during song and dance numbers while the squires confidently told the story of just how Watt Cobblers, played by Nicholas, came to be an outcast in King Arthur’s court. Ben was masterful in the role of Watt’s exasperated mother, Kitty Cobblers, the cook, and he impressed us all, not only with his characterful tone, but also his skill of ad-libbing!  Never too far away from Watt’s side were Merlin, Alice and Dusty the dragon, played by Aaryan, Benjamin and James. They formed a wonderfully engaging group of friends, determined to defeat The Black Knight and his entourage, and to find the missing sword, Excalibur, complete with magic tricks and excellent singing.

When the pressure of King Arthur’s upcoming birthday celebrations all seemed to be getting a bit too much, the mood was lifted by the court jester, James, who had many words of wisdom and humour to offer through great charisma. 

King Arthur’s knights kept us entertained with their heroic actions and hilarious transformation into animals when they unknowingly drank the wrong batch of Merlin’s potions. Never too far away were the princesses and Molly the Maid, played by Frankie, who kept the pace moving with their never ending list of demands. Ned and Isaac played the princesses’ dutiful parents, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, brilliantly, alongside commanding the court. Keeping everyone up to date with the latest trends in medieval fashion were Colin Calvin and Keith Klein, played by Rafe and Luc, who made sure everyone was looking their best for the king’s celebration.

So many of the boys impressed us with their ability to project their voices at such a young age and in such a vast space, particularly the king’s lords, played by Archie, Seb and Jamie, as well as the guards, Scratch and Sniff, whose roles were taken on my Mark and James.

The Black Knight, played by Johnny, his guards and side kicks, Ernie and Bernie Blackhead, played by Ed and Moosa, turned out to be irresistibly likeable because of their comic and superb delivery of lines.   

Of course, the skill with which Nicholas played Watt Cobblers, bringing all of the wonderful characters together scene after scene, will be everlasting in our memories. ‘What A Knight’ has introduced us to a brilliant array of talent and has been a great triumph for Lower Two boys.