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Mr Men and Little Miss

The Third Year boys have been busy putting on their Roger Hargreaves’ hats and creating their own Mr. Men and Little Miss books. 

Once the boys had thought of an idea, they planned, wrote and redrafted a story where their new character had to change in some way, or learn a lesson by meeting someone with the opposite personality.  This task proved quite challenging for the boys as they had become so used to writing detailed, complex stories and descriptions but now they had to write for a much younger audience and in a simpler style.  When the writing was complete, the boys illustrated their books by hand and finally we had them bound together. We then visited the Prep School and shared our books with the Year 2s; they seemed to thoroughly enjoy hearing the stories.

Sadly Roger Hargreaves passed away nearly twenty years ago but his son, Adam, has followed in his father’s footsteps and still creates Mr. Men and Little Miss books today.  Therefore we have sent a few of our books off to Adam for him to read; hopefully we’ll have a reply from him as we certainly have some budding young children’s authors in our midst.