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A Day in the Life

Visit to the House of Commons

On Wednesday 16 of November Toby Adlington travelled down to the House Commons to attend the annual reception held by the Meningitis Now charity.

"This year was my first and was hosted by Heidi Alexander, Labour MP for Lewisham East constituency, former shadow secretary for health and gave a speech informing the congregation of her personal experience.

I was there as a Young Ambassador for the charity, networking with over 30 MP’s and other stakeholders from around the country informing them on the impact that Meningitis can have. The main objectives of this reception were to highlight the rise in meningococcal W and the poor level of take-up of the vaccine. This strain rose by over 800% and 200 people permanently disfigured in this 13-18 age group. Additionally, to get the support of the MP’s guarantee that they will carry out awareness in their constituency."