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A Day in the Life

Go Green Update

As is now widely acknowledged, we have climate crisis fuelled by greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our planet. At Warwick School we want to do our part to reduce emissions and contribute to improving our environmental performance in different key areas.    

During the final two weeks of last half term ‘Recycle right fortnight’ took place. Green Team representatives visited form rooms and inspected the recycling bin and general waste bin in each room. Every form started with 100 recycling points, and for every item in the wrong bin, a point was deducted from their total. The boys made an incredible effort and the Green Team were very impressed by the brilliant progress made in improving the school's recycling quality. 

The results for each form have been counted and the winning forms (who were awarded with doughnuts) were; 7G, 8L, 9J, 10O, 11Sn, L6GV, and a draw between U6Gr and U6B.

A new competition is being launched on Monday 25th November, ‘switch off fortnight’, aimed at cutting unnecessary use of electricity within the school. It will run on a similar format to previous years where forms will be deducted points if their classroom is found empty and with lights on. Muffins will be awarded to the winning form from each year group.  

Please remember our Eco-code, 'don't be mean, go green'.