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A Day in the Life

Douglas is C3L6 Roentgenium Medallist

Douglas Boyle scored in the top 50 of all students out of the 7,000 top L6th chemists who entered the 2017 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge for L6th (C3L6).

This amazing achievement was recognised by the award of a C3L6 roentgenium* medal. Douglas was invited to a high performance chemistry camp at the University of Cambridge and in November he was invited to give a presentation at Goldsmith’s Hall in London at the roentgenium medallists’ award ceremony. Douglas chose to give a presentation on technetium; an unstable d-block metal formed in the radioactive decay of uranium. Douglas described technetium’s therapeutic applications in nuclear medicine. He was later awarded his trophy and had the dubious honour of being the first medallist to present to his peers, given that technetium is the rarest of all the elements presented!

(*Roetgenium is a synthetic element, first produced in 1994 and named after Wilhelm Röntgen, discoverer of X-rays. Roentgenium should be known as eka-gold, and sits below gold, silver and copper in the group 11 d-block elements of the Periodic Table).