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A Day in the Life

Speed Interview Evening

After intense organisation, anticipation, and a little trepidation, 83 interviewers and boys met on a still October evening in Warwick Hall for the annual ‘Speed Interviewing’ event.

With a smorgasbord of experts, teachers, parents and alumni, all possible links to every facet of the professional world known to Mrs Oates were drafted in to provide an informative and encouraging event. Students in the Upper Sixth, having indicated their university subject choices and potential job interests in the future, met with 3 professionals with direct or indirect experience with their chosen fields. From finance to medicine, marketing to flight school, linguistics, law, engineering and accountancy, students up and down the hall enjoyed presenting their achievements, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies under the keen scrutiny of business insiders, journalists, academics and ruthless CEOs. Those best prepared researched their interviewers beforehand and arrived smartly with CVs in hand to the delight of their discerning interviewers; others embraced the awkward learning curve of plunging in cold and fought with their backs to the wall under the keen scrutiny of the experts before them.

‘Now, tell me,’ enquired one admissions tutor, ‘what is your favourite physics equation? If you were a fruit what would you be? Can you tell me why you have lasagne on your tie?’

 A 5 minute period of feedback was offered after each 15 minute interview:

‘You hold great eye-contact,’ informed one psychologist, ‘but that handshake reminded me of a limp fish. And do up that top button: it’s looser than your handshake.’

Despite a mix of impressive performances, none fell short of one or two things to improve upon. With care and honesty, each interviewer left their charges elated and determined to impress and improve in future interviews. Many thanks must go to Mrs Oates and the Careers department for masterminding such a useful and challenging event, which left all with a higher confidence and significantly more acumen than before.