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Junior School Christmas Concert

A fantastic afternoon had by all at our Junior School Christmas Concert.

Junior School music is always eclectic, representing all forms of music. The strings groups were in particularly fine form and it was wonderful to see so many new faces in our groups, particularly Year 4 boys.
Following our Year 6 'Rap Battle', the winning group performed their composition. A bit 'edgy' with the boys taking their ties off and fastened them round their foreheads. It obviously did the trick as they became instant rap stars. There was something very 'Warwick School' when as soon as they had finished, they were instructed to don their ties in a more traditional concert fashion!
Undoubtedly the Senior School's recent successes in the National Concert Band Festival where they were awarded two Gold and four Platinum Awards have their roots in the Junior School. Exceptional standards in music have become the norm; the next generation of players are inspired by their older peers in our concerts. It is a privilege to sit down and watch a succession of talented boys as they take to the stage.