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Cian's debut for Wales

Cian came back from Qatar after having a great time with his Welsh team mates.

Unfortuantely the results didn't quite go as planned with Wales U15 losing to both Ajax and an Aspire Academy XI.

Cian, did however, pick up the best Goal Keeper award.

He has also now been selected for his first full international debut for Wales, in Poland (March 27 - March 31). We wish him every success.

Currently in Year 10, Cian has recently been offered his first full-time contract at Coventry City with the confirmation of a scholarship contract commencing when he leaves school. These Premier League approved contracts run post GCSE for two years 2018-20, thus ensuring that Cian will be at Coventry City at least until age 18. 

Mr Tedstone, Director of Sport at Warwick School commented, “Cian is a very talented, enthusiastic and determined all round sportsman and is a member of the cricket, rugby and basketball teams at school. We are delighted that he has been granted this fantastic opportunity with Coventry City and I am sure he will continue to work as hard at his football as he does in the classroom and at all his other sporting activities. This is clearly only the first step up the ladder but we wish him a very successful future.”