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Charity still benefits despite cancelled Blue and White’s Tour

Warwick School’s rugby club is very proud to have raised an amazing £22,995.92 for the South African charity HOKISA (Homes for Kids in South Africa).

HOKISA was founded in Cape Town in 2001, as a South African non-profit NGO (non-governmental organisation). It was set up to contribute in the fight against AIDS by creating examples of care especially for those who are most vulnerable – the children.

It is the aim of HOKISA to empower members of poor communities where HIV/AIDS is most devastating. No money is spent for office buildings or costly administration. Donations go directly to the HOKISA Children’s Home and the care of the children. All childcare workers are residents in the same township community and have had the opportunity to grow and develop their skills.

The senior rugby players at Warwick School were due to travel to South Africa in July 2020 for a 17-night tour of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, but unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic this was not possible. There has been much disappointment from the pupils not being able to tour, not being able to enjoy the culture and hospitality of South Africa and not to have the opportunity to play some competitive rugby in a country renowned for such a great sport.

Despite the disappointment of a cancelled tour, the efforts of the boys, their parents and staff in raising this amount of money was incredible. Through Warwick 7s, their annual rugby 7s competition, and a Burns Night charity event this phenomenal amount of money will hugely benefit the charity and enable them to continue their extraordinary work.

To put things into perspective 23K in South African Rand is approximately 500,000R. 24,000R sponsors school travel for all their children for one year, whilst 72,000R sponsors a child’s books, stationery, shoes etc for a whole year.

Warwick School is grateful to everyone involved in raising these funds and are incredibly proud in these challenging times to continue supporting this excellent charity.