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House Music Results

The House Music Bingo results are in. Thank you to all those who completed challenges and submitted videos.

There were lots of very entertaining performances, we will put together a highlights reel for your viewing pleasure. Watch this space!

The results…

1st Oken (completed 1st) 30 points

2nd Tudor (completed 2nd) 25 points

3rd Brooke (completed 3rd) 20 points

4th Guy (17/21 complete) 15 points

5th Leycester (9/21 complete) 10 points

6th Greville (6/21 complete) 5 points

Five bonus points for completing seven or more challenges go to…

Ranveer Saluja (Brooke)
Alexander Mitroi (Guy)
Joe Lawson (Tudor)

Ed Jobburn (Oken)
Charlie Buckley (Oken)
Charlie Feaver (Tudor)

Phillip Mitroi (Brooke)
Jasper Pink (Oken)
Andrew Digby (Brooke)

Awards for notable performances…

The One-Man-Band Award goes to Ed Jobburn (Oken), for completing every challenge himself within 48 hours of the competition, securing a quick victory for Oken.

The Doctor Dolittle Award goes to Tom Selby (Guy), for his hilarious duet for Xylophone and pet dog.

The Best Dressed Award goes to Mr Leaf (Tudor) for his chilling performance as Lord Voldemort.