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Iceland - October 2018

34 staff and students set out to undertake a most remarkable road trip.

Flying, via Reykjavik, to the northern town of Akureyri, the party travelled through the Icelandic highlands and lowlands for six days, stopping to see some of the most remarkable natural sites in the world.

From the plane ride into Akureyri, dipping between mountain peaks in a tiny propeller-driven plane, right through to stepping into the magnificent canyon created where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet, every aspect of the island was explored as fully as the short time allowed.

Other highlights of the trip included visiting Europe's largest waterfall, bathing in geothermal waters under the Icelandic night sky, climbing a glacier and boating on a glacial lagoon, as well as finding time for plenty of snowball fights along the way!