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A Day in the Life


Congratulations to Daniel and Harry, placed in the the top 50 from about 40,000 entries!

Daniel Jenks-Berryman (L4) and Harry Colliver (3rd year) both attended the UK finals of the BEBRAS competition last Sunday held at the department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students. 

This reflects having been placed in the top 50 of the country from around 40,000 entries to their age category of age 10-12.

The day included taking part in the final round facing challenging questions, probing problem solving skills and attending lectures from Professor Peter Millican covering topics such as how AI might be a real problem for humanity. The students also had tours of Hertford and Merton colleges with the final presentations being made in Hertford College Chapel.

Overall this was both a challenging and informative day for both students and they should both be incredibly proud to have been invited to attend.