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A Day in the Life

Maths Feast 2017

Four Middle Fifth students competed in the Maths Feast competition at Myton School, to defend their title, in a field of 18 schools.

For starters we had to answer true or false questions on topics including truncated platonic solids and the Oscars. We scored 21 out of 24.
The Amuse-Bouche round consisted of four countdown numbers rounds which interspersed the other rounds.  Unfortunately without the Music to spur us on we did well but had trouble writing the solutions down in the time given. We scored 5 out of 12.
The Main round was a comprehension exercise which involved using tables of squares to solve a variety of problems. We scored 19 out of 20

'Dessert was a series of 6 questions (best four to score) topics included transformations, upholstery, optimisation and trends in human height. We scored 18 out of 20.
Petit Fours was the relay round where one pair would answer a question which would feed into the question for the other pair. As with the other rounds we were up against the clock and the boys made a tactical decision to pass on a couple of long early questions, which seemed sensible, but later questions were much shorter so we actually finished early. We scored 15out of 20.'
by Tom, Peter, Albert and Robin

Although we performed well we were edged into second place, however as before it was a very enjoyable event and the boys were heartened to hear that the only A Level subject which is statistically proven to enhance remuneration from employment is of course Mathematics.