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A Day in the Life


Developing a sense of personal well-being and resisting the stresses and pressures of teenage years can be difficult.

 What is a Well-Being Coach?

A coach helps people to improve aspects of their lives or performance. A Well-Being Coach helps people to change their lives for the better, helping to strengthen resilience, improve recovery and facilitate change. Ultimately the intention is to help people to be happier, stronger and healthier.

 What does the school Well-Being coach do?

Our Well-Being Coach helps boys reflect about their thinking patterns and reformulate them in ways that are more helpful. He has particular experience in dealing with mental health issues (particularly depression and low mood), anger management, poor sleep and behaviour issues.

 Who is the school Well-Being Coach?

Reverend Hewitt, who is also the Coordinator of Extended Projects, trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming as part of his own chosen recovery programme from acute depression. Having used these skills to heal himself, he trained to become a Master Practitioner and apply those skills with others. He has also completed post graduate studies in Positive Psychology. His research focuses on building psychological resilience and actively promoting a lasting sense of well-being.        

 Is coaching confidential?

Coaching follows the same practice as counselling. Coaching is confidential within certain legal constraints providing the client is deemed competent to understand the coaching process and to take responsible decisions about his own well‑being.

 How can the school Well-Being Coach be contacted?

Reverend Hewitt can be emailed at: or contact by telephone 01926 776420.