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A Day in the Life

Extended Project Qualification

In 2015/16, 84 students submitted an Extended Project with 35% awarded an A* and a further 22% awarded an A.

The Extended Project is a qualification through which pupils learn research and study skills through Independent Learning. The skills gained help are those which will be needed at University, and they also enhance learning in other A level subjects. It is a one year course which is completed at Warwick in Year 12 so that their results are available when they apply to universities in Year 13. 

Students choose their own topics of research according to personal interest. They are taught the skills of research and then apply those skills to carry out their own learning through private study and reporting. The assessment is based primarily upon the learning process. All pupils are encouraged to take it as an option, and it results in a qualification worth a little more than an AS level.

It is particularly suitable for highly motivated students who wish to expand their learning beyond the limits of normal subject courses.  It enables them to research in depth and explore the skills of individual research.

Topics chosen by students in the year 2015/16 included: 

  • Prime numbers
  • The Egyptian revolution
  • Graffiti as art
  • The Ottoman Empire
  • Exoskeletons
  • The 1689 Bill of Rights
  • The Arrow of Time
  • Roman military success

Head of Department Revd. M.Hewitt