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General Answers

I'd like to talk to someone specifically about my son to decide whether the school would suit him? 

Call 01926 776414 or register your details on our ‘contact us’ page and we will contact you. We are more than happy to arrange a school visit for you and your son to view the school and talk to staff and pupils.

If my child is offered a place, will his siblings be offered a place too? 

Each child is assessed on individual merit and cannot be guaranteed a place by virtue of having a sibling already at the school. This applies to all of our pupils.

What is the pass level for standard entry and is there an equivalent national curriculum level? 

The schools look to assess whether the pupil will be able to cope with the standard and pace of work. At 11+ the pass level is broadly equivalent to SAT level 4 and above.

What subjects are covered in the exams and where can I get advice on revision? 

Candidates who apply for entry at 11+ are required to take an exam which consists of three papers, two of which are Maths, English. We are currently reviewing the nature and format of the ability/reasoning test we will use for the entrance tests in November 2018 and details will be available shortly.

After the exam, what happens next? 

All candidates are interviewed. Approximately three weeks after the exam you will receive a letter either offering a place or explaining that the application has been unsuccessful. The letter will also confirm the level of financial assistance that is available to you.

Are the majority of boys joining the senior school from the Junior School? 

No, at age 11 approximately 60% of the boys come from other schools. Overall we have boys from a  huge number of schools.

When should I apply to the school? 

Whilst we have a deadline for 11+, 12+ and 13+ applications of 31 October 2018 we would recommend that you apply well in advance of your son sitting the exam in November 2018. Examination details are sent out from the September before the November examination.

My son has dyslexia, is any allowance made for this in the entrance exam? 

Before boys with a specific learning difficulty take the entrance examination, we ask that parents submit the educational psychologist’s report and we follow the recommendations made in the report. This usually means awarding extra time in the entrance examination.

Do you offer any flexible boarding arrangements? 

Whilst the majority of boarders are full boarders, if there is space we would be happy to discuss the options available, however the youngest we take in the boarding house is Year 9 boys.

Financial Assistance

 What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

Essentially a scholarship is based on academic performance (or an exceptional level of achievement in the case of a Music Scholarship), whilst a bursary is based on financial need and is means tested. Please click here to find out further information.

What sort of help is available for school fees? 

The discount on school fees available for each child is calculated by an income means test. 

Your child will then be expected to pass an assessment or entrance exam, which for the senior school takes place in November and attend an interview, before a place can be offered. Help is also available to meet the cost of uniforms and educational school trips where necessary.

You can call us confidentially on 01926 776414 to discuss the opportunity further, or register your details on our contact us page and we will contact you.

How many discounted places are available? 

There is no absolute limit on the number of discounted places for pupils because the levels of financial assistance vary from child to child. However there is limited amount available and this is therefore allocated based on means testing, the results of the entrance examination and interview.

What happens if my salary takes me over the limit by a small amount in the second or subsequent years after my child enters the school - apparently enough to disqualify my child from the financial assistance but not enough to pay the fees? 

The assistance is provided on a graduated scale; therefore small changes in your income will have a correspondingly small effect on the assistance you receive.

Does the financial assistance last for the entire school career of the child? 

Yes - subject to the good conduct and progress normally expected of a pupil, and an annual means test re-assessment.

The school will notify you when you are required to provide new information about your income in preparation for the next school year. We ask that you tell us about any changes that will significantly affect your current financial circumstances in the meantime.