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Fees and Financial Assistance

 Warwick School Tuition Fees 2018/2019

  Per term Per annum
Junior School - Year 6 £4,183 £12,549
Junior School-  Year 5 £4,074 £12,222
Junior School - Year 4 £3,847 £11,541
Junior School - Year 3 £3,727 £11,181
Extended Day Charges Junior School up to £7.00 per session  
Music Tuition £23.15 per lesson (£231.50 per 10)  

Curriculum Support & EAL

Group Lesson £11.05 (per 30 minute lesson)  
Individual Lesson £21.32 (per 30 minute lesson)  


Lunches        £195 per term
The annual fees are charged in three instalments due at the commencement of each term. Payment by direct debit is preferred but monthly payments are also possible and details of both schemes are available from the Admissions Registrar at the School or from the Foundation Office. To access our page on the School Fee Plan website please click below.School fee plan website

Financial Assistance


Two Choral Scholarships, each to the value of £1,650 per annum, may be awarded each year to boys, aged between 7 and 11 years on 1 September, who are either entering or who are in attendance at Warwick Junior School and are selected for the Choir of St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, Warwick. A Scholarship is valid for the duration of a chorister’s career in both Warwick School and St. Mary’s Collegiate Church Choir unless he is awarded a Governors’ Scholarship, Bursary or other remission of fees on entry to the Senior School in which case the value of the Scholarship is reviewed.

The Choral Scholarship will be used in its entirety to remit part of the school fees at Warwick School. An ex-chorister is awarded a pension of not less than half of the Choral Scholarship originally awarded while still a member of Warwick School, for a period of time not exceeding the period of time that he had held the Choral Scholarship. The value of Choral Scholarships and Pensions are reviewed annually by the Trustees in light of changes in school fees.