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Engaging in Mathematics teaches more than the set of skills required to answer a question, it is about solving problems. Question posing and problem solving are not elements of Mathematics that should be reserved for university students; at Warwick School they are infused at every level. Mathematics permeates every aspect of modern life, and it is essential that pupils are educated in preparation for this. 

Pupils need to be excited by the mathematics they are learning and see how the material applies to real life situations, from using proportion to decide which offer is better value, to formulae that will help pupils pass their driving theory tests to using logarithms to write in binary, the language of computers. At Warwick School, we seek to develop pupils as mathematicians while we prepare them for success on a range of qualifications tailored to their needs and ambitions.

Course Specification


All pupils study the Edexcel IGCSE specification and sit the higher tier examinations at the end of Year 11. Some pupils concurrently prepare for the OCR Additional Mathematics freestanding mathematics qualification.

A Level 

We offer both A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics (OCR), which are challenging and interesting courses that are highly regarded by universities and employers alike. A Level Further Mathematics is an additional A Level in which pupils study topics beyond those in the regular course. Studied as one of four full A Levels, alongside mathematics and two others, it is recommended for those interested in mathematics or closely related courses at the most competitive universities. Additionally, we offer STEP Mathematics classes to support students in meeting their university offers from universities such as Cambridge and Warwick.

 Mathematics in detail

 UKMT Challenges

At Warwick School, we take advantage of all of the competitions offered by the UKMT. These include individual challenges and follow-up rounds like the international Kangaroo and the prestigious Olympiad as well as team challenges with finals in London. Many of our pupils win certificates, medals and even the chance to attend a mathematics summer school at Oxford. For more details about the challenges, explore the UKMT website

Mathematics Mentoring 

Warwick School - two boys study work in class

Warwick School has an established programme of academic mentorship, and many students benefit from the opportunity to be supported by or to become a Mathematics Mentor. In the L6, pupils can apply to become one and if selected, their primary role is to run daily lunchtime support clinics where pupils can go to get support with homework, classwork or preparing for tests. Our mentors may take on additional roles such as reading reports in assembly, introducing and thanking guest speakers and speaking to prospective students at open days.  The programme provides a wonderful opportunity to develop our community, create leadership opportunities and support all of our pupils with their mathematics.