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The Rise of the Humans - Dave Coplin

SIr Ben Kingsley lecture series – Warwick Hall, Monday 8 October 2018 7.30pm

The Rise of the Humans - How to outsmart the digital deluge - by Dave Coplin

“We are in danger of preparing our children for a world that no longer exists…”

“Technology isn’t always to blame for our problems, most often it’s the humans that use it that are.”


We are absolutely delighted that sought-after speaker Dave Coplin has agreed to give a lecture as part of our SBK series. This will be a valuable insight for parents and students alike. 

Dave Coplin

For the last three decades Dave Coplin has been at the bleeding edge working with some of the world’s largest technology companies focused entirely on the intersection of our society and modern technology.  He has written two books, worked with organisations big and small, governments and government agencies, children and adults alike, all with one single goal in mind, trying to help humans get the most from technology.

Dave is a firm believer that we have yet to see the amazing potential that technology offers, truly emerge.

The Rise of the Humans

We continue to think about and raise our children with a mindset that was forged in the industrial fires of the 19th century and as a result we are in danger of preparing our children for a world that actually no longer exists.  Unless we fundamentally change the way we think about, engage and educate our children we risk being derelict in our duty as the guardians of their future as we are sending them out into a world for which they are simply not prepared. 

Through his talk on the “rise of the humans”, technology luminary Dave Coplin seeks to re-dress this balance by helping the next generation embrace the incredible opportunity technology offers us, and in so doing, enables them to live up to the potential of evolving technology rather than be constrained by it.


By attending this event you will learn:

  • How machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the world and redefining what it means to be human.
  • Why pitting humans vs machines is a fruitless, pointless battle and why it is the humans not the technology that hold the key to our future success.
  • The three quintessentially human skills that will enable ourselves and our children to work in unison with machines to extend our reach as helping us to achieve more in all our endeavours.
  • How to establish a healthy relationship with technology as individuals and families that adds value to everything we do

“Regardless of the career they choose, our children’s lives will be better, more successful, happier and more rewarding if they are confident in how they can use technology to help them achieve more at work, in their relationships and in how they enjoy themselves.”

“65% of today’s schoolchildren will work in jobs that have yet to be invented.”

“Just as for thousands of years new technologies like fire, steam, and electricity have changed the way we live work and play, so too will this new digital revolution of robotics and artificial intelligence.”

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