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A Day in the Life


Warwick School has become one of a small number of schools to institute a programme of teaching Well-Being classes popularly labelled ‘happiness classes’.

 Why teach Well-Being?

We live in an age in which psychological pressures on children and teenagers are complex and sometimes very difficult to handle. There is much pressure in society to give more attention to the mental well-being of young people. Warwick School wants to be at the forefront of helping our pupils to be strong and resilient.

 How can you teach Well-Being?

It is well attested that the way we think, the attitudes we hold and the choices we make have an impact upon our psychological well-being. In the classes, we draw attention to some of these issues and teach boys to understand how their attitudes and choices affect their long term well-being.

 Who has Well-Being lessons?

Warwick School started teaching Well-Being in September 2015. Currently Year 7 have some lessons at the start of the day; Year 8 have timetabled lessons each fortnight. The teaching of Mindfulness to Year 10 and the Sixth Form is a part of the school's development of a Well-Being programme.

 Who is responsible for the Well-Being classes?

Our Well-Being Coach, Reverend Hewitt is responsible for the development of these lessons.  Year 7 Tutors deliver the course to tutor groups, and Mr Soper, Ms Pedley, along with Reverend Hewitt, deliver the full lessons to Year 8.

 Is there any evidence for the benefit of these lessons?

The relatively new discipline of Positive Psychology is revealing that it is possible to build resilience and a sense of personal well-being. New programmes are being written and assessed. The government is currently looking at ways of reforming public policy making to take account of well-being or life satisfaction.