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Wellbeing in Junior School

Pastoral Care

When boys join Warwick Junior School, they become part of our community. We recognise the vital importance of well-being in helping a boy grow intellectually and emotionally, allowing them to take the next step in the journey to our Senior School with confidence.

Our form tutors lie at the heart of our system. They meet with the boys each day. In most instances they also teach the boys ensuring that the boys are known, understood and valued as individuals. This relationship is crucial, as are all other contacts with staff. Our form tutors are there to provide support when required, to advise and guide the boys, reminding them of our expectations and helping them make the most of their talents and abilities.

Form tutors are the first port of call when issues arise. It would be remarkable if the support and guidance of key adults are not required as boys progress through the school. Supporting the form tutors are the Heads of Year, the Head of Lower School (years 3 and 4) and the Deputy Head. Together with the Headmaster, there are few occasions when they are asked to support an unfamiliar or unique family circumstance.

Pastoral Care in Lockdown

The period of lockdown has put huge pressure on families and individuals. We believe it is vital for boys to have daily live contact with form tutors, to maintain this key relationship and to help provide opportunities to connect with their classmates.

School Counselling Service

There are times when boys need additional expert help from a trained counsellor. Common issues our boys face include anxiety, bereavement, parental separation, family problems and self-esteem. Our Counsellor, Mr Steve Goodrem, a specialist trained in supporting younger children, holds weekly meetings with individuals to help support them with whatever problems life brings. Our Head of Lower School and Designated Safeguarding lead, Miss Heather Mellor, triages the boys to ensure needs are met. Requests for help can be made via form tutors or directly through Miss Mellor.

Counselling in lockdown

We recognise that our boys are facing very different pressures in lockdown and need our support. Our counsellor continues to visit and parents are invited to bring boys in for a socially-distanced counselling session.  


In ‘normal’ times we encourage our boys to be active participants in all areas of school life. Through the ‘Warwick Junior School Diploma’ we encourage boys to take part in music, sport, residential visits, drama and all our many co-curricular clubs. Embracing the many opportunities in school helps boys develop new skills and interests, developing self-confidence and helping them feel part of our community.

One part to our Diploma is to encourage boys to actively serve their community. This may be helping at events in their community, raising funds through sponsorship for local causes or helping collect food for local foodbanks. The act of giving or service is intrinsically connected to a feeling of self- worth through altruistic acts.

Wellbeing in lockdown

Away from school and working remotely, it is more challenging for boys to lead varied and healthy lives. Through live contact with form tutors and teachers throughout the day, the boys are helped to feel connected with school. We offer daily live sporting challenges, live individual and group music sessions to help keep boys enthused and engaged. The weekly newsletter keeps boys and families updated with news of what the boys are doing in lockdown and ideas for challenges they may consider.


The Junior School has a warm but disciplined atmosphere and this is where the social ethos of the schools starts to be embedded. Staff model positive behaviour and virtues such as humility and considerate manners.  Good Schools Guide 2020