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School meals

All pupils take lunch at school. The menu is carefully prepared to appeal to most tastes and to provide a good nutritional balance. Each week’s menu is available to view in the Junior School Reception and on the parent portal. Water and squash are always available.


Water Bottles

Pupils are required to bring a re-usable water bottle, containing water only, to school, which they may take with them to lessons. Water bottles should be taken home daily for washing.


Break Time Snacks

Pupils are welcome to bring in a healthy snack (e.g. a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks, crackers and cheese) for morning break at 10.50am. Please bear in mind that pupils have lunch just one hour later, so large ļ¬lling snacks are not appropriate.


Tuck Shop

We run a tuck shop operated by the Junior School pupils, supervised by a member of staff, allowing a year group to buy a drink and healthy snack on their designated day in the week. Pupils may bring in a maximum of £1.20 to spend on their Tuck Day.

Pupils are also allowed to bring in a snack for the end of the day. This may be a particularly good idea for pupils staying for after school activities.

Monday: Year 5
Tuesday: Year 3
Wednesday: Year 6
Thursday: Year 4


Special Provision

A range of meals, including vegetarian options are available at lunchtime. The vegetarian options are detailed on the weekly menu. The school caters for a range of special dietary requirements. Please notify the school of all special dietary needs.


Bringing Food to School

Pupils are not allowed, under normal circumstances, to bring sweets to school. Chewing gum is forbidden at all times.