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School Policies

Warwick School has a large number of policies to provide staff, pupils, parents and guardians with clear information about the organisation and ethos of Warwick School and the standards of behaviour expected by all members of its community.

There are a large number of policies listed below,  some of which are available to download by clicking the link.

All of the policies listed are available on request.  
Please e-mail to request a copy.

Academic Policies 

Academic Information for Current Parents
A.I Plagiarism (PDF - 0.1 MB)
Careers, Education and Guidance (PDF - 0.2 MB)
Curriculum (PDF - 0.2 MB)
English as an Additional Foreign Language (PDF - 0.3 MB)
Gifted and Talented
Library Guidance (PDF - 0.2 MB)
Supervision (PDF - 0.1 MB)
Special Educational Needs (PDF - 0.4 MB)
Teaching and Learning (PDF - 0.2 MB)

External Examinations 

Examination Contingency Plan
Examination Escalation Process
Enquiries About Results
Non-Examination Assessment

Warwick Junior School Policies 

Anti-Bullying (PDF - 0.4 MB)
Attendance (PDF - 0.4 MB)
Behaviour (PDF - 0.8 MB)
Curriculum (PDF - 0.2 MB)
Equal Opportunities (PDF - 0.2 MB)
Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PDF - 0.2 MB)
Relationships and Sex Education (PDF - 0.4 MB)
SEND and Inclusion (PDF - 0.6 MB)
Supervision (PDF - 0.2 MB)

Foundation Policies 

Children Missing from Education
Data Protection
Educational Visits
Expulsion Removal and Review
Fire risk Assessment
Health and Safety
ICT Acceptable Use
Medication Storage and Use
Risk Assessment
Staff Code of Conduct
Visiting Speakers

These Foundation policies are available on the following links: