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Pastoral support

Living away from home is a big change for most boarders, and our boarding structure provides outstanding pastoral care. From our strong network of support to our fun and engaging induction programme, pastoral support is at the core of boarding at Warwick School.

House parent structure

Our Boarding houses are run by a dedicated, experienced team of staff under the guidance of our Head of Boarding who has over ten years of experience in living and running boarding houses.

Each house has three residential staff. House Parents, a couple, who are in overall charge of the house and who report to the Head of Boarding on a daily basis. They are supported by the third member of residential staff, the Assistant House Parent, who works with the House Parents to ensure the health, safety and happiness of the pupils in their care. One of them is “on duty” every day and is also available 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

The residential team is supported by additional staff who come in on a daily basis. The house supervisor, sometimes known as Matron, is the most important of these. It is their responsibility to ensure the smooth day to day running of each house and to liaise with the team of housekeepers who work tirelessly to ensure the cleanliness of the houses.

Boarding tutors form the final part of the house team. Members of the teaching community they are assigned to each house and assist in the supervision of the houses each night and at weekends. They are available to help pupils with their studies and also assist in the running of the many trips and activities that the house staff organise each week.

All boarding staff, the residents, matrons and tutors are first aid trained and have between them many, many years of experience in working with boarding pupils and ensuring they are able to make the most of the opportunities being a boarder presents.

Boarding-specific pastoral care

Pastoral care is at the heart of boarding here and we take very seriously our responsibility for those pupils under our care. Alongside the experienced team of boarding staff runs the school’s pastoral support system. Headed by a designated member of the school’s senior leadership team the pastoral

team includes teachers, and support staff, specially trained to deal with all the different aspects of pastoral care that working with young adults can present.

Boarders, by their very nature, face many of the same issues as the other pupils along with issues unique to them. The boarding team, along with the pastoral team are well versed in helping, guiding and assisting pupils through any issues that arise.

Settling into life at Warwick School - induction

New boarders enjoy a full and extensive induction period which begins well before they actually arrive at the school itself. Each new boarding family receives lots of information about the boarding house, school and life here in general and we organise a presentation by our senior pupils in the summer holiday to which all new pupils are invited. This is an opportunity for those joining the school to ask current boarders any questions they may have.

Upon arrival at Warwick in September the induction period lasts for several days and will include tours of the school from boarding buddies, team building exercises with the new and returning boarders working together, tours of the surrounding area including Warwick town and nearby Leamington Spa.

Considerable support is given to them as they adjust to studying, many of whom are living and learning in a new foreign country, and every effort is made to help them settle very quickly into life away from home. Boarders form friendships that last a lifetime and develop the values, skills and good habits that prepare them for adulthood. By following guided routines for homework, meals and bedtimes the pupils learn to organise their time and thrive in this busy school where so many events and activities go on into the evenings and weekends.

Our specialist tutor team spends quality time with the pupils throughout the week providing friendly support, academic advice and a listening ear for those times when things aren’t perhaps going so well. Our matrons and housekeeping staff play a crucial role in providing a genuinely warm, comfortable and welcoming environment for the boarders.

Medical support

All boarding pupils undergo a full induction upon arrival at the school and this process includes a detailed questionnaire about their health. Those that are taking regular medication are assessed and help and guidance is given to ensure that any such medication is taken as required. The school has a medical centre staffed by qualified nursing staff to whom pupils can turn if they need attention and those who do fall ill are assured of the very best of care, both in the house and in the medical centre.

All boarding pupils are registered with the local GP and are entitled to receive treatment for any issues whilst they are here in the UK. The GP visits the school each week and pupils can arrange appointments with them through the medical centre staff.

Ophthalmic and dental treatment is also arranged as required.


All international pupils are required to have a UK based Guardian. Preferably one who lives close to the schools. They are another source of support for the pupils. Guardians are required to be available to host the pupil in emergency situations and will also host the pupils during holidays, if they are not returning home.

Guardians can be members of the pupil's family or friends of the family. If there is no one suitable to fill the role then parents should refer to one of the many Guardian Agencies that are available to international pupils.

Communication with Home

Pupils are encouraged to contact home regularly and with the advent of modern technology this is very easy for them to do.

Parents can contact boarding staff, either by phone or email, when ever they have any concerns about any aspect of their child’s life here.

Parents will also receive regular communications from the school. This information will include details of how their child is progressing at school academically and they will have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers, on a virtual basis, to get updates as to how things are going.

The boarding houses also produce regular updates as to how the pupils are doing and what they are doing on a regular basis. Each house has a Twitter account where they post regular updates and pictures of what has been occurring, including details of the many activities and trips organised throughout the year.