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Good Schools Guide

Our Good Schools Guide 2023 review says:

Offers boys academic challenge and breadth in an enviable setting, while parents are spared the pressure of having to think about the right senior school. Parents praise the way the school gets boys ‘out of their comfort zone’ and say it is more nurturing under new leadership. (Junior School)

A dynamic, bustling Midlands institution known for its hard-working, high-achieving and forward-thinking ethos, as well as its sport. Facilities – shared with the wider Foundation – are stunning. (Senior School)

Parents say school has become more nurturing under the current head, and boys say newcomers are quickly welcomed and anti-bullying ambassadors help keep bullying at bay. Staff are trained in mental health and everyone loves walking Aggie, the wellbeing dog (there’s even a waiting list), who also joins the reading buddy sessions whereby older boys read with younger ones. (Junior School)

Parents...praise the ‘inclusivity and acceptance of everyone, no matter what their religion or background’ and describe it as a ‘really kind’ school. (Senior School)

Parents report a gentle start into year 3, ‘where the teachers are what I’d describe as soft and loving – the type to help you blow your nose’...As in all year groups, the timetable is arranged so that quiet learning is followed by something more physical like role play. ‘They get boys,’ approved a parent. (Junior School)

Not a hothouse but diligent. ‘There is a level of academic pressure,’ say parents. ‘The school wants results and so do we...’ (Senior School)