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Inspection Report

Warwick School received full Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Educational Quality and Focused Compliance Inspection Reports in March 2018. There was a Regulatory Compliance Inspection in 2022.

The Educational Quality Inspection focuses on the two key outcomes:

  • The achievement of the pupils, including their academic development.
  • The personal development of the pupils.

In both categories we received the highest grade possible: Excellent.

The quality of our pupils' academic and other achievements was found to be excellent:

Results at GCSE have been well above the national average and A-level results have been consistently above the national average.

Pupils’ achievements in a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities are excellent, including individual, team and group performances of national calibre.

Attitudes to learning are uniformly excellent and promote an ambitious, disciplined and focused learning culture across the school community.

Pupils throughout the senior and junior schools are highly articulate and listen well to others, enabling them to discuss complex and sometimes controversial issues effectively.

A very high level of numeracy is evident throughout the school and underpins the excellent progress across the curriculum.


The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent:

All pupils, including boarders and junior school pupils, contribute very positively to the lives of others and thoroughly enjoy the cohesive feel of the school community.

Pupils throughout the junior and senior schools demonstrate both resilience and self-discipline; they show high levels of self-confidence and know how they can improve their own learning and performance.

Pupils know and understand themselves extremely well and are confident decision-makers in every day and also in planning for the next stages of their lives.

Pupils are highly supportive and respectful of their peers across all age groups, and openly celebrate each other’s successes and have real pride in their own achievements.

Pupils demonstrate a strong and inclusive understanding and appreciation of the spiritual and non-material aspects of life, with the chapel playing a central role in the life of the school.

The excellent personal development of pupils of all ages is supported by committed governance, dedicated leadership and effective strategic planning.