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Best of both worlds

Boarding at Warwick offers the best of both worlds - a single-sex education and living environment, with the benefit of co-educational activities and socialising.

To best prepare our pupils to bring about positive change in the futures ahead of them, we harness their different learning styles inside and outside the classroom. In acknowledgement of this we provide the most favourable environment for success, co-education options up to 11 years of age, and single sex environments until the Sixth Form, when there are opportunities for boys and girls to socialise together and consider a select few subjects that are co-educationally taught. When reaching the Sixth Form our girls and boys benefit from a dedicated, shared and purpose built Sixth Form Centre in which to meet and study outside of lessons.

Our boarders in School House and Way House also have opportunities to socialise together at mealtimes, during tutor-led study periods, and during evening and weekend activities, while maintaining separate living arrangements.

By providing our pupils with the best of both worlds – single sex education environments in which they’ll thrive, and social opportunities to relate to one another and develop key skills – we educate and prepare our pupils well for the transition into the next stage of their education, or the world of work.