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A Warm Year 7 Welcome

Moving up to Senior School is a big step for both pupils and their parents. We want all our pupils to do well at school but, above all, we want them to be happy and make the most of all the opportunities available to them.

Before pupils even start with us, we are embarking on a varied and structured system of pastoral support. We hold multiple events and activities to bring parents and pupils into the school before the start of term, and during the first few weeks and months of their time at Warwick, to demystify the process and create a welcoming, genuine door’s-always-open environment.

We have dedicated Year 7-only tutors with no more than 12 pupils to any one tutor, ensuring that each child and their family build a trusting relationship with at least one key member of staff at this crucial time. While a great natural relationship between pupil and tutor is built and nurtured, we also make a conscious and welcomed effort to bring mum and dad into the Warwick family too – with regular online parents’ evenings, Meet the Tutor events, progress reports, and our excellently-attended Mothers & Sons event (with a mirrored Fathers & sons event in Year 8).

We understand the importance of truly feeling at home in the school community, and take our responsibility to make every pupil feel welcomed and not overawed in a larger school such as Warwick very seriously. I hope to see you and your son at one of our upcoming open events, and hope you will join us at Warwick School soon.

Mr Peter Walker
Head of Year 7