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Charity and Community

We encourage our pupils to be active participants in all areas of school life.

Through the ‘Warwick Junior School Diploma’ we encourage pupils to take part in music, sport, residential visits, drama and all our many co-curricular clubs. Embracing the many opportunities in school helps pupils develop new skills and interests, developing self-confidence and helping them feel part of our community.

One part to our Diploma is to encourage pupils to actively serve their community. This may be helping at events in their community, raising funds through sponsorship for local causes or helping collect food for local foodbanks. The act of giving or service is intrinsically connected to a feeling of self-worth through altruistic acts.

Charitable giving

Our four Houses each elect a charity to support over the course of the year. The pupils' choices help support local, national, and international charities. Each House organises a charity event to help raise funds and awareness of their chosen charity's work. Pupils are also encouraged to engage with their community through their Diploma, helping support local causes.