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Pastoral Care

Wellbeing HUB - Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

Across the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation, we are wholeheartedly committed to providing the highest standard of pastoral care to all of our students and staff, and this is even more important whilst we are at home without our usual support networks.  We have recently launched our  Wellbeing Hub, where you can access information relating to all the Pastoral Care that is available, including Wellbeing and Counselling as well as many external resources.

Warwick School

We are very proud of the young men that pass through Warwick School. It is our aim to support and guide the boys during their years with us, allowing them to develop into responsible, resilient and compassionate men of character who are determined to make a positive contribution wherever they find themselves in the future. 

The bedrock of pastoral care at the school is the close relationship between staff and the pupils. This begins with the Form Tutor and extends to Heads and Assistant Heads of Section, as well as Senior Staff, who know the boys well and who are committed to their growth and welfare.

A boy meets with his Form Tutor every day and this gives an opportunity for difficulties to be discussed and achievement to be celebrated. Tutors are well-supported by the Heads and Assistant Heads of Section who provide oversight and guidance in each Section.

Beyond this, there are numerous other people who are responsible for the care and well-being of the boys. We are fortunate to have a School Counsellor who is here for most of the week; the Medical Centre provides expert support, and, at the heart of the school, is the Chapel, which the boys visit once a week.

Pastoral care is integral to all we do at Warwick School. Happy boys thrive and strong pastoral foundations enable the boys to aim high in all other areas of school life.

During lock-down we have had a number of additional measures in place to check in on pupils. Some of our teaching staff have been ringing boys where there may be concerns. All the Heads of House have regularly met students (via Teams during lock-down) for coaching sessions. Heads of Section meet weekly on Teams to discuss any extra care needed, and how we can intervene to help them. DSLs meet fortnightly on Teams to discuss safeguarding issues. Our pastoral staff continue to provide fantastic care even in this lock-down situation.

Designated Safeguarding Team

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at Warwick School is Mr R Thomson, Deputy Headmaster - Pastoral. There is a pastoral team, all whom are specially trained.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr Richard Thomson – Deputy Head (Pastoral)
Designated Safeguarding Deputy Mrs Heather Mellor – Deputy Head, Warwick Junior School

Pastoral Team: 

Mr James Barker Headmaster
Mr Andrew Hymer Headmaster, Warwick Junior School
Dr Simon Chapman Senior Deputy Head
Mrs Kimberley Wyatt Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning)
Mr Keith Davenport Head of Middle School
Mr Peter Walker Head of Year 7
Mr Brian Davies Head of Upper School
Mrs Vicky Bell Head of Sixth Form
Mr David Bull Head of Boarding
Mrs Helen Leaf SEN Specialist (Social, Emotional & Mental Health)
Mrs Claire Martindale School Nurse
Mr James Soper Foundation Chaplain
Mrs Kate Poole Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Alex Wilson Pastoral Support Manager


Grass roots pastoral care happens effectively at form tutor level and time for tutors to spend with their group has been extended in the senior school to allow for relationships to be strengthened and for form tutors to pick up the small changes that can be significant. PSHE supports pastoral development with sessions on mindfulness and self worth. There are two school counsellors plus teaching assistants in classes where there are boys with special concerns such as high anxiety. Teachers have received useful pastoral training particularly round autism.  

Good Schools Guide 2020