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Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care provision centres around the fact that when pupils join Warwick Junior School, they become part of our community.

We recognise the vital importance of wellbeing in helping a pupil grow intellectually and emotionally, allowing them to take the next step in the journey to our Senior School with confidence.

Our form tutors lie at the heart of our system. They meet with the pupils each day, and in most instances, teach the boys. This ensures that each individual boy is known, understood, and valued.

The form tutor-pupil relatonship is crucial, as are all other contacts with staff. Our form tutors are there to provide support when required; advise and guide the boys; remind them of our expectations; and help them make the most of their talents and abilities.

Form tutors are the first port of call when issues arise. Supporting the form tutors are the Heads of Year and the Deputy Head. Together with the Headmaster, there are few occasions when they are asked to support an unfamiliar or unique family circumstance.

School Counselling Service

There are times when pupils need additional expert help from a trained counsellor.

Our Counsellor, Mr Steve Goodrem, is a specialist trained in supporting younger children, and holds weekly meetings with individuals to help support them with whatever problems life brings. The range of potential problems that our counsellor is trained to support young people with include anxiety, self-esteem issues, bereavement, parental separation and family problems.

Our Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding lead, Miss Mellor, triages the boys to ensure needs are met. Requests for help can be made via form tutors or directly through Miss Mellor.


Additional clubs such as mindfulness and yoga equip the pupils with a range of strategies to enhance personal wellbeing. All Year 6 pupils complete a mindfulness course at the start of the year to assist with their wellbeing, while a number of our staff are trained youth mental health first aiders.

Our wonderful Wellbeing dog, Aggie, provides fun, distraction and enjoyment to many of our boys!