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Progression to Senior School

For families looking for a smooth journey from Year 6 to Senior School, Warwick has a supportive transition process that can make joining the school earlier, in the Junior School, more attractive.

Each year, our Junior School Year 6s make up around 40% of our Year 7 intake, meaning that existing pupils are able to both make new friends and see plenty of familiar faces as they move into the Senior School.

All Junior School pupils will sit the Senior School entrance exam in November, in the Michaelmas Term of Year 6. This is so that outstanding candidates can be called for a scholarship assessment day. Based on performance, academic scholarships may be awarded.

However, entry to Senior School is rarely reliant solely on the outcome of the November exam. There are three stages where Junior School pupils can gain a Senior School place:

  1. The majority of pupils receive a guarantee of a Senior School place by Easter (Lent term of Year 5) based upon standardised data and classroom performance
  2. A further group receive their guaranteed place following success in the end of year internal exams (Summer term of Year 5)
  3. It is possible that some Junior School pupils may need to use the Senior Entrance Exam in November (Michaelmas term of Year 6) to secure their Senior School place

Whilst we ensure that our pupils receive a broad and engaging curriculum, we provide all the support and preparation our pupils need to help them achieve their potential in their Warwick Senior School entrance exams.