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Academic information

Please refer to the Academic Information booklet, provided at the start of term, for key information and dates with regard to academic matters including the curriculum, reporting, assessments and homework arrangements.


Scholarships are awarded each year to boys entering the Senior School. High standards are expected from scholars throughout their career in the Senior School: they are monitored, supported and encouraged by the Head of Scholars. Individual scholarships will only remain in place as long as the scholars continue to perform academically and behaviourally at the appropriate level.

A small number of scholarships are awarded to existing pupils. One or two additional Governor Scholarships are usually awarded to boys at 13+ who have shown a very high level of attainment throughout their first two years at Warwick School. A further two Governor Scholarships are usually awarded to boys moving into the Sixth Form on the basis of excellent work throughout the lower years at Warwick School and GCSE grades.

Curriculum Support

As the learning needs of individual boys may vary, the school employs teachers who specialise in learning support within the Curriculum Support team and this enriches both the academic and pastoral provision of the school. The nature of the support the boys receive will vary according to their individual needs and, where warranted, some boys may receive individual or small group tuition which is tailored to support their needs. All teaching staff are made aware of the different and specific needs of the boys via the Curriculum Support Record. Please contact Ms Andi Hillman, Head of Head of Academic Support and Send.


Warwick School’s Library is an important centre for information, reading and research. Students are encouraged to use it for study, revision, reading and relaxation. Situated in the Masefield Centre, it offers a wide selection of books, magazines and newspapers, as well as access to online academic journals, e-books and DVDs. Out of school, students can access these resources through Library Online.

The Library is open from 8.00am to 4.15pm during the week and staffed by two professional librarians. | Telephone: 01926 776433

University Entry and Careers

Careers education and guidance is an essential element in the overall development of an individual pupil. Whilst primary careers advice is the responsibility of the Form Tutor, specialist support is offered by the Head of Careers and boys can come to the department at any time for advice, information or a 1:1 interview. Parents are also welcome to contact the Careers Department either by phone or email about any careers matters.

The careers programme now begins in Year 8 and continues and intensifies until boys complete the Sixth Form. This includes full support for applications to universities in the UK and abroad.

Work Experience

Work Experience is compulsory at Warwick School. This takes place after GCSE examinations have finished and before boys return for a Pre-Sixth Form course. There is considerable value in pupils having experience of work whilst at school. This can also be very beneficial when applying to university.

Although the main period of Work Experience is done at the end of Year 11, we also encourage boys to organise Work Experience placements during the Lower Sixth as well.