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Warwick Independent Schools Foundation operates a number of bus services, from a wide catchment area, exclusively for pupils within the Foundation Schools.

The coaches run to and from school daily, both morning and afternoon, with a number of late coaches for pupils taking part in after school activities. Details of all the routes and stops within the routes can be found on our dedicated transport pages (also linked below).

We have 3 booking options:

  • Option A: 10 sessions (5x Mornings & 5x Afternoons/Late buses)
  • Option B: 5x Mornings & UP TO 5x Afternoons/Late buses)
  • Option C: 5x Mornings Only

To assist with the running of the School Bus Service we use an app that allows parents to easily see in real time where their children are on their journey, which includes automatic notifications for boarding, arrival and any delays. The Foundation can also send out messages via the app to update parents on situations such as adverse weather.

Should you have any queries, please contact the Transport Team directly via email at

Communications will be sent out separately (in June 2023) on how to create bookings for the next academic year, September 2023-2024. Should you have any queries before then, please contact the WISF Transport Team directly via email at


Parking is extremely limited at school and we would encourage all pupils to use the School Bus Service, Public Transport or lift share wherever possible. This also helps to ease congestion around the site and surrounding area at peak drop off and pick up times at the start and end of the school day.


Pupils may enter the school via the Junior School or Warwick Hall entrances, but pupils needing to cross Myton Road must do so at the Pelican crossing.


We are very keen to encourage pupils to come to school by any means that does not lead to road congestion, that causes little harm to the environment, and which helps personal levels of fitness. Cycling may be appropriate for some pupils, but we do urge pupils and parents to ensure that appropriate safety equipment is worn, the bikes have adequate lighting and are well-maintained. Cyclists needing to cross Myton Road must do so at the pelican crossing. Cyclists must walk with their bicycles whilst on the school site and whilst crossing Myton Road. Bicycles should be locked securely in the bike sheds. Pupils must ensure that their bikes have a substantial lock.