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Exhibition of Young Local Artists

The ‘Exhibition of Young Local Artists’, hosted here at Warwick School, was established in 1985 and started with just five schools.

Thirty-five years on, the exhibition has grown and this year, 36 local schools took part.

This event brings together local primary schools to celebrate art and showcase young talent.
The array and diversity of the pieces exhibited is phenomenal, from ‘The Beast – a lonely flower’ to ‘Into the Unknown’ and ‘Emerald’; ‘Wild Explosion’ to ‘Rainbow Feathers’ and ‘Snowman at Night’.

The young artists and their families gathered for a special 'Opening Ceremony' on 1 February, with the exhibition open for the following few days, where family, friends and the school communities were able to come and view the extraordinary range of artwork on show.

Head Master at Warwick School said, “It is fantastic to host this amazing event in Warwick Hall. There was so much energy at the opening ceremony and we welcomed a huge gathering of eager, local young art students as well as family and friends. This exhibition has grown tremendously over the last few years and the eclectic selection of art submitted, using various mediums was as broad as ever. The talent of these young artists, their creativity and imagination is exceptional and hopefully this passion will benefit them throughout their life beyond school.”

Warwick School is proud to support the Arts in our community and provide a showcase for students from across the region.