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Support For All Ages

Tutor groups

The bedrock of pastoral care at the school is the close relationship between staff and the pupils. This begins with the Form Tutor and extends to Heads and Assistant Heads of Section, as well as Senior Staff, who know the pupils well and who are committed to their growth and welfare. Pupils meets with their Form Tutor every day and this gives an opportunity for difficulties to be discussed and achievement to be celebrated. Tutors are well supported by the Heads and Assistant Heads of Section who provide oversight and guidance in each Section.

Our vibrant vertical House system gives pupils an automatic sense of community, identity, camaraderie, and, most importantly, fun, while mixing with other year groups and broadening their horizons. Running adjacent to the tutor system, House events such as SportsFest and House Shout are where we see our pupils let loose and embrace being themselves.

Person Centered, needs-led

Our Mental Health Provision, housed within the Wellbeing Hub, takes a Person Centred, needs-led approach – our focus is to provide each pupil with the right level of support at the right time.

It is a graduated response to need - we assess the needs of the pupil, plan the appropriate support, ensure this support is provided, and then review how successful it has been in meeting the pupil’s needs. Within this system, we employ a wide range of different mental health professionals: CBT Counsellors; Life coaches; Play Therapist; Art Therapist; ASC Specialist; Educational Psychologist.  

Because we are Person Centred and needs led, so there is no requirement for a diagnosis or fees payable for support. Our young people are referred to our senior mental health lead by staff, parents or self-referral and are then triaged into three levels – universal, targeted and high need. We look at our young people holistically and parents are supported to seek specialist clinical support, if necessary.

Peer-to-peer support

Our peer support provision utilises a powerful programme of training, Pupil Voice, stereotype-busting, and mentoring to equip pupils with skills and resilience for understanding themselves and the world around them.

Our prefects are trained via The Diana Award to become ambassadors for anti-bullying, and our older pupils regularly facilitate our youngest pupils and their parents to promote great communication at home and in school.

Our Pupil Voice team have worked with their King’s High counterparts to introduce Pastoral Weeks, with focuses on anti-racism, anti-bullying, mental health, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ and disability inclusivity throughout the year. These weeks form a focus for PSHEE classes, assemblies, form discussions, classroom activities, and after-school talks and events, to name a few. They are a great opportunity for pupils to share their experiences, discuss their differences, and develop their understanding of others and the world around them.