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Scholarships and Bursaries

Governor Scholarships

Academic excellence, automatic consideration

Governor Scholarships are awarded  to boys who excel academically.  Scholarships tend to be awarded up to the value of 20% of fees, based on the results of the entrance examination and interview.

Students registered for the examination at 11+ / 13+ are automatically considered for these scholarships and awards are based on the candidates’ performance in the entrance examination and the interview.

One or two additional Governor Scholarships are usually awarded to boys at 13+ who have shown a very high level of attainment throughout their first two years at Warwick School.

A further two Governor Scholarships are usually awarded to boys moving into the Sixth Form on the basis of excellent work throughout the lower years at Warwick School and GCSE grades.

A scholarship can be supplemented by a means tested bursary. It is also possible to receive both an academic and music scholarship.

Means-Tested Financial Support (including CV34 Awards)

Application required

Warwick School, as part of the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation, benefits from a scheme offering the possibility of free or discounted places based on financial need for candidates at 11+ and 16+.

Additional financial help may also be available for educational visits, uniforms, transport and lunches. 

Within the bursaries available from the Foundation, are the CV34 Awards. These funds are specifically earmarked for children whose families live within the CV34 postcode and the school is grateful to King Henry VIII Endowed Trust and The Charity of Sir Thomas White, Warwick for their financial support. 

The support available is based on the following

  1. Financial Need - determined by a means testing assessment   
  2. Your child's performance - based on exam results, the interview and the report received from your child's current school 
  3. Overall demand - bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis, as limited funds are available.

Means testing is established based on relevant 'net income' of all those with parents responsibility, assessed on completion of the bursary application form. The amount of discount is offered on a sliding scale, and if your joint parental income exceeds £40,000 after tax or you have substantial assets, you are unlikely to qualify. 

You will be required to provide detailed financial information including income, expenditure and details of your net assets. The financial analysis is based on both parents jointly, regardless of current living arrangements. Full terms and conditions of the assessment are included in the bursary application form.

If you are below the income threshold and would like to apply for a bursary, please download and complete the bursary application form and send to the Billing Department Please note the closing date for bursary application for entry in September 2022 has now closed. If you have any questions please contact

Please be advised that in some cases the Foundation reserves the right to attend a home visit in order to discuss the financial schedule.

Admissions Department, Warwick School, Myton Road Warwick, CV34 6PP

Music Scholarships

11+, 13+, 16+, musical excellence, application required

Music Scholarships are available to students of exceptional musical and academic ability.

  • Instrumental Scholarships awarded on merit by the Head Master
  • Choral Scholarships awarded in association with The Collegiate Church of St. Mary
  • Senior School Scholarship auditions will be held on 16 November for September 2023 entry

For more information please contact our Admissions Team

Music Scholarships tend to be awarded up to the value of 20% of fees, based on musical ability and potential with a satisfactory level of achievement in the entrance examination. It is important to stress that there is no absolute standard as musical ability and potential are both assessed, however it is expected that boys are approximately Grade 5 standard on their first instrument.

Choral Scholarships

Aged 7 - 11, application required

Through the generous benefaction of Mr Percy Swiffen, an external charity, at least two Choral Scholarships, each to the value of £1,800 per annum, may be awarded each year to boys, aged between 7 and 11 years on 1 September, who are either entering or attending Warwick School and the Choir of St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, Warwick.

A Choral Scholarship is valid for the duration of a chorister’s career in both Warwick School and St. Mary’s Collegiate Church Choir unless he is awarded a Governors’ Scholarship, Bursary or other remission of fees on entry to the Senior School in which case the value of the Scholarship is reviewed.

The Choral Scholarship will be used in its entirety to remit part of the school fees at Warwick School. An ex-chorister is awarded a pension of not less than half of the Choral Scholarship originally awarded while still a member of Warwick School, for a period of time not exceeding the period of time that he had held the Choral Scholarship. The value of Choral Scholarships and Pensions are reviewed annually by the Trustees in light of changes in school fees.